Some facts about Narcos series

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Narcos is an american series was first introduced on August 28, 2015, exclusively on Netflix and tells the real events about the story of the drug dealer (Pablo Escobar), who became a billionaire because of the production of cocaine and export outside his home Colombia, and The American drug control tried to arrest him, and here are some facts about Narcos series:

* The events of the first season and the second between (1979-1993) and the third season happened in 1994.
* In Spanish the term (Narco) is abbreviation (Narcotraficante) meaning a drug smuggler.
* (Wagner Moura) is a Brazilian origin and had to learn Spanish to play in the series because his language is Portuguese.
Wagner Moura
* Pablo Escobar is smuggling $ 70 million of cocaine every week, or $ 20 billion of profits a year.
Image result for money of drugs
* When Pablo Escobar met with Fernando Duque for the first time, he said to him:
I am not rich, I am a poor man with money
This is a quote by Gabrielle Garcia Marquez.

* Maurice Compte played the role of the addict in “Breaking Bad” and in “Narcos” he appears as a colonel trying to bring down Pablo Escobar.
Maurice Compte narcos
* Narcos is the first series of (Netflix) is one of its representative from Chile

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