“Netflix” released the official trailer of the third season of La Casa de Papel

The Netflix film and television platform unveiled the official trailer of the Spanish Thriller series “La Casa de Papel“, As is known about la Casa de Papel, one of the most famous Netflix series in the world.

The new Season 3 trailer of la casa de papel series, shows how the battle between the gang and the police is not over yet, even after the money has been stolen, as it will now have to escape its police hunt around the world, starting with reunification and meeting the professor.

The two previous episodes revolve around the genius “Professor”, who plans to get $ 2.4 billion from the Royal Court of Currency in Spain, assisted by a gang of eight unnamed people who have been replaced by the names of international cities.

Netflix has already announced that the third part will be exclusively on the platform, while the previous two segments have also been shown on the Spanish channel Antena 3.

La Casa de Papel is a Spanish series that sparked a worldwide uproar after drawing attention to its exceptional story, making it one of the most famous Spanish works around the world.

In addition to the great interaction in social networking sites, the success of the work also appeared in the sites of evaluation of films and major series, with 97 percent of Google surfers said they liked this series and got a score of 8.6 out of 10 in the database IMDB, and 87 percent In the evaluation site Rotten Tomatoes.

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