6 of The Best Crime Series

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Who is the murderer? Perhaps it is the last person you can expect; it is possible that the murderer is the one who investigates the murder itself, or sometimes there is no crime at all, and the alleged victim has fled to fabricate her death for someone who wants to avenge him! In the series of crime everything is possible and suspicious; until the truth finally emerges.
Big crime series has twisted and charming reliability, who from us do not like the hideous fantasy crime, with the promise that it will be resolved accurately within an hour
In this article, we present you with a collection of the best crime series

1. Happy Valley
Happy ValleyThe daughter of a teenage girl committed suicide, an addicted sister trying to recover from addiction, and the grandson of rape crime. This is the vortex of the British scholar Katharine Kaud, and she has to deal with all these events quietly, and that is what she has already succeeded in; until she realizes that the man who caused the suicide of her daughter has gone out of prison and is free; to begin a series of pursuits and search for this criminal .
The British series Happy Valley takes you to the world of a woman who may seem solid and calm, but inside it is a volcanic pool trying to keep its calm, until you find the person who deserves to be blasted in it, starring British actress Sarah Lancashire.

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4.7k shares, 7583 points