Avengers: Endgame is never short on easter eggs, because it calls back to past movies within the MCU, references varied mag stories and additionally drops hints at future heroes to return. There’s one that the majority folks lost, though, as it’s each a nod to a comparatively obscure Marvel hero and is incredibly tough to create out.

When Steve Rogers travels back to Camp Lehigh in 1970, he catches a glimpse of his lost love Peggy Carter through AN workplace window. She’s oblivious to him although, as she’s presently having a discussion with a S.H.I.E.L.D. operative. It’s onerous to create out what Peggy’s oral communication here, however Reddit user u/droideka75 (with facilitate from u/wolfthang88, UN agency detected the reference through a closed caption device) has noted that she mentions an event involving some supernatural phenomena that was “not lightning” which AN agent named “Braddock” hasn’t checked in.

Obviously, this has got to be a sneaky regard to Brian Braddock AKA Captain Britain. Fans are soliciting for Marvel to allow England its own superhero within the MCU for a moment currently and it’s just like the filmmakers behind Endgame responded by dropping this nod to the character, hinting that he’s out there within the universe somewhere.

But is that this a touch that Brian Braddock is coming back to the franchise soon? Well, it’s not all out of the question, although Marvel might have determined to explore a distinct British hero instead. Following rumors that he was thanks to seem in Endgame, we tend to according earlier this month that the studio has massive plans for Black Knight and will be giving him his own film triplet. If this is often the case, it may open up the chance for multiple Brit heroes, thus perhaps Cap’n England can get his due.

Tell us, though, did you notice this Captain Britain easter egg in Avengers: Endgame? And were there the other references you detected that nobody else did? Join the spoken language within the comments section down below.