06 Best new games from August 2019!


Doom I and II

Bethesda launched mobile ports of Doom I and II this last month. they’re fairly devoted ports of the first games and an honest thanks to play the first on your phone if you wish to. each games comes with DLC enclosed along side mobile controls, and Doom II comes with Master Levels. Here’s the issue, it’s a mobile version of the sport and it’s quite as open and friendly because the original versions. Thus, some purists don’t am passionate about it and that we will positively perceive why. in addition, the controls square measure a touch gawky and you wish an internet account which baffles North American country. In any case, if you don’t mind the unhealthy stuff, it’s not a nasty port of a twenty five year recent game for $5 every.


Elune may be a new absolve to play gacha mobile game from Gamevil. It plays a great deal like most gacha mobile RPGs. You play through a story, summon numerous characters with numerous talents, upgrade those characters, and check out to become as powerful as attainable. you’ll expect power creep over the long run like most gacha games. the sport additionally includes two hundred characters. It’s the foremost F2P friendly gacha we’ve seen, however it’s regarding average in this regard. It’s smashing overall.

Farm Punks

We talked regarding Farm Punks a few of months agone once it launched in beta. The developers launched the official game toward the tip of August 2019. the complete version is far higher than the beta version and includes all of the sport options from the onset. A reminder for people who might not understand, Farm Punks may be a runner vogue game. You launch fruit from a cannon, collect what you’ll, and switch it in to urge the rewards. it’s wonderful replay price and it’s from Noodlecake Studios of Alto’s journey fame.

Flashback Mobile

Flashback Mobile may be a mobile remake of 1 of the foremost common games by a French developer. It’s associate action journey game with retro, hand-drawn graphics and straightforward controls. It plays a great deal just like the classic Another World game. You explore a 2nd world, find stuff, avoid obstacles, kill unhealthy guys, and play through the narrative. The bit controls square measure a touch sluggish, however you get wont to them when a few of hours. It runs for $4.99 with no in-app purchases or ads.

Gigantic X

Gigantic X may be a top-down sci-fi shooter. It options colourful graphics, astonishingly intense game play, and simple enough controls. the sport options 3 playable characters, a bunch of loot to gather, and on-line multiplayer with friends. It’s fun, colorful, and there’s a lot of action. However, it will play sort of a ton of alternative top-down sci-fi shooters thus fans of that genre ought to feel right reception. It’s an honest play, particularly for a mobile shooter.

Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare

Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare may be a Gundam mech game with gacha components. You collect numerous Gundams and you’ll customise them with elements from alternative Gundams. It uses the gunpla side for the assorted elements. For people who don’t understand, gunpla may be a 1/144th scale model kit though the size will amendment. Thus, a great deal of the customization and upgrades revolve round the model kit theme. In any case, it’s an honest gacha game for Gundam fans.


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