Before there was PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, there have been developer Brendan Greene’s battle royale-esque mods for games like ARMA two.

One amongst his hottest creations, DayZ: Battle Royale, was a mod designed on prime of another mod. His battle royale mode was successful, however it did not really amplify till Korean developer Bluehole employed him to form PUBG, that set the record for the foremost coinciding players on Steam with three.2 million in Gregorian calendar month two018. an extended string of imitators followed, and currently simply a year some later it’s Fortnite, not PUBG, that dominates the news. PUBG’s short reign already appears like a life agone.

And nonetheless it’s still vastly standard. In Dec 2018, PUBG Corp. told The Verge that PUBG Mobile had quite two hundred million users. For context, Fortnite, on all platforms, had constant variety of users throughout that point. Despite Fortnite’s dominance in thought media, PUBG had been quietly maintaining, and even extraordinary Fortnite’s player numbers. (And that variety, consistent with The Verge, was excluding Chinese players, WHO have recently moved onto a PUBG dupe from Tencent known as Game for Peace.) In June 2018, PUBG business firm aforementioned it had quite four hundred million players, 227 million of that logged in monthly.

Despite those high numbers, the playerbase on laptop has been declining systematically, consistent with SteamCharts. however it’s still within the prime 3 each day, right behind Dota two and CS:GO. From a population perspective, PUBG remains thriving.

“In the start, we tend to spent all our time explaining what battle royale was,” PUBG business firm. studio director Brian Corrigan aforementioned. “It undoubtedly hasn’t happened while not some growing pains, however it’s been very wonderful to envision PUBG go from being the primary major battle royale game to a longtime game within the market.”

When the battle royale genre was new, players didn’t recognize what to expect. the first access banner helped quell expectations, however that’s modified currently. Player expectations area unit higher, Corrigan said—instead of PUBG business firm. explaining what a battle royale is, players area unit telling the developer what they need within the game. And what everybody needs is usually totally different.

A PUBG for everybody

Streamers and content creators desire a game that’ll guarantee entertaining footage. “We presently have four major areas to explore, numerous totally different vehicles and weapons to play with, and a custom match mode that lets streamers [and] content creators rise to all or any styles of mischief and mayhem,” Corrigan extra.

Competitive players in one amongst PUBG’s official leagues desire a game that’s balanced, centered on ability instead of pure, random chaos. PUBG Corp. has got to understand a way to alter the sport to satisfy everyone’s desires.

Generally, players on Reddit area unit pretty proud of Battlegrounds—and honestly, that’s surprising given the grumbling you will find on a typical subreddit.

Thread once thread on the PUBG subreddit queries the state of PUBG, to for the most part positive responses. simply last week, I saw replies that the sport is in its “best form,” with a Reddit user news that “a ton of streamers share this thought, too.” (PUBG is that the second-most watched battle royale game on Twitch right away, hovering at twenty three,000 viewers at the time of writing. Fortnite, naturally, is within the prime slot with 163,000 viewers.)

PUBG has seen some dramatic changes within the past year to induce wherever it’s currently. Last year it introduced the Survivor Pass (previously known as the Event Pass) as PUBG’s progression system. Like with Fortnite’s Battle Pass, the Survivor Pass rewards players for finishing missions and reaching milestones.


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